Quality is a commitment and responsibility of all Urbansplash staff

Urban Splash promotes residential property developments nationally, mainly on the Mediterranean Coast. We build highly luxurious homes, adapted to the lifestyles and specific needs of our clients. Through our custom design and thanks to our great versatility Urban Splash makes your dreams come true. Every home, every project is designed and built exclusively in a unique way.

Our success lies in the integrated management of the entire process, which is internally controlled and coordinated by our business group. Our clients’ satisfaction of the end result is guaranteed from the birth of the idea to handing over the keys or after-sales.


————- Urban Splash encompasses a large team of professionals in different fields ————-


A multi-disciplinary technical team comprised of architects, engineers and project managers, who have solid experience in the industry. The team backs balanced, environmentally friendly contemporary design. We project with the latest technology in installation systems and with the most avant-guarde materials. Their objective is to create luxuriously comfortable homes, highly energy efficient, environmentally sustainable and with a functional and innovative architectural design.

Baupanel System

A construction system with more than 30 years on the market, which is implemented into all of our projects and which shapes the watertight “passive house” which are thermally and acoustically insulated perfectly. The Baupanel Construction System involves the construction of monolithic and earthquake-resistant superstructures made of reinforced concrete with a core of freestanding EPS panels, which are cantilevered vertically and horizontally.

Bau Lifestyle

To complete the “keys in hand” process we offer interior furnishing and home decoration to clients who wish to do so, as well as fitting fixtures and fittings in the bathroom and kitchen. Bau Lifestyle brings interior designers, furniture and fittings providers together on an international level.


At Urban Splash we manage the construction of our projects via the group’s construction company that has wide experience and excellent results in the comissioning work of the Baupanel construction system. This may well be through building, optimisation and subcontracting of the projects with the support of our Project Management Construction team.